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Proper drills at different stage of the preparation for the upcoming season, play an important role to stretch and develop the player. In Volleyball Ace, we believe drills with great planning, will deliver outstanding results with proper execution during the drilling.


In Volleyball Ace Academy, we classify drills into 4 distinct categories.

1. Basic Drills.   2. Intermediate Drills.   3. Advance Drills.   4. Competition Drills.

Start of a new season

End of season/competition

Phase 1

Phase 2

Phase 3

Phase 4

Phase 5


Mastering Skills

Forming a team

Drills in its core function, provide the repetitions needed for the players to learn a skill set effectively. The drills created must have its intended purpose for improving certain skill sets of the players. Having said that, the coach must have the ability to provide feedback (clear explanation and direction) effectively so that a proper drill can be carry out. VB SportsWeb firmly believe that great communication is the essence to great volleyball drills.


We are extending our in-house proven drills to those who like to know more of our creative drills. Do get in touch with us if you are interested to know more about VB SportsWeb Academy. Meanwhile, we will also share our drills on our website. Do visit our website often to see what interesting drills we have come up with. =)

Guiding primary school players to learn volleyball through gameplay

Age Band : Age 10, P4 Boys (Junior Level)

Level of Difficuly : Intermediate Drill, Phase 3

Skills involved:  Pass, Set, Attack, Defense

Drill Set Up :


A receiver to pass the ball to the setter, and setter creating a spike opportunity for the intended spiker.


A defense team on the opposite end of the court. To rally with the group of players if opportunity is created. To start the drill, do a simple pass to the intended receiver.

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Age Band : Age 10, P4 Boys (Junior Level)

Level of Difficuly : Basic Drill, Phase 1

Skills involved:  Dig, Set

Drill Set Up :


2 players across the volleyball net. Start the drill by 1 player setting the ball across the net

© Volleyball Ace Academy 2015

Introducing primary school players to learn basic volleyball skills

© Volleyball Ace Academy 2015

© Volleyball Ace Academy 2015

Age Band : Age 9, P3 Boys / Girls (Junior Level)

Level of Difficuly : Basic Drill, Phase 1

Skills involved:  Dig, Set

Suggested Time frame: 10 minutes

Coaching Focus : 


1. Arms posture

2. Legs posture



Have fun teaching your players.

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