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AIS Volleyball


Volleyball Ace Academy is privileged to be a partner of Australian International School

to run volleyball skills development programmes and instil the "Zest to excel" attitude. 

Season 1                                             Season 2                                         Season 3

Aug - Nov                                            Nov - Feb                                         Feb - May

19U Competition Season

(Mon , Wed , Fri)

Competition - Mon/Wed/Fri

16U Competition Season

(Tues , Thur)

Competition - Mon/Wed/Fri

14U Developmental 

 ( Mon , Thur )

19U Pre-Season

( Fri )

Competition - Tues/Thur

Our volleyball players.  Our future.


About Sport At AIS

Sacrifice, integrity, belief, excellence, respect, opportunity and achievement. These values and behaviours are central to sport at AIS.

As we redefined and reshaped the AIS Sports Program over the last two years, we looked to the world’s top sports teams, institutions and influencers to help build the best international school sports program in Singapore.

It is an honour and a privilege to wear an AIS jersey and we teach our athletes the importance of playing with a higher purpose; to play for the person next to you, to play for all who came before you and those yet to wear the AIS Green and Gold jersey.

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