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Academy Instructors


Meet Our Dedicated Team

Academy Coaches


1. Coach Ang, Head of Coaches Development

2. Coach Ben, Head of Youth Development

3. Coach Ng

4. Coach Clarence

5. Coach Fabian

6. Coach Lim

7. Coach Gan

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Our Coaches Responsibilities ...

Planning, Administration & Implementation
  • produce personalised yearly training programmes for different athletes

  • implement and monitor training plans; review plans and provide reasons for modifications where necessary

  • maintain records of athletes’ performance

  • coordinate and maintain records of athletes’ attendance at trainings

  • recommend appropriate competitions for athletes, especially athletes in the elite squad

Coaching & Performance Management
  • coach athletes to ensure athletes development and acquisition of skilfulness required for high performance

  • evaluate performance and providing suitable feedback, balancing criticism with positivity and motivation

  • assess strengths and weaknesses in an athletes’ performance and identify areas for skill correction, improvement and/or further development

  • adapt coaching and instruction skills to meet the needs and interests of group or individual athletes

  • communicate instructions and commands using clear, simple language

  • ensure that athletes train and perform to a high standard, maintaining health, wellness and safety of athletes’ at all times;

  • share knowledge and understanding of fitness, injury, sports psychology, nutrition and sports science with athletes

  • monitor, measure and report athletes performance regularly

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