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DHS Volleyball | 2012 - 2017 (Girls)

DHS Volleyball (Girls) batch from 2012-2017 can be considered the "trailblazers" batch to change the culture and history of DHS Volleyball. They conquer new heights and break new boundaries at every Division Championship, to strive for excellence in volleyball. The results they achieved in Year 2013, 2015 and 2017 are the best to date in the history of DHS Volleyball. Congratulation of being the pioneer of breakthroughs to path the way for future juniors to follow. Let the spirit of excellence flows in DHS volleyball culture. Well done girls! 

2013 'C' Div Girls : East Zone - 2nd | National Q-final Stage

2015 'B' Div Girls : East Zone - 4th | National 2nd Runner Up (3rd)

2017 'A' Div Girls : National 1st Runner Up (2nd)

DHS 'A' Div Girls 2017 has created a breakthrough to be the 1st team in Dunman High 61 years of history to enter 'A' Div Girls Volleyball Final. A dedicated batch of players that define volleyball excellence through hard work, commitment and sheer determination. 

DHS 'A' Div 2017

2015 'B' Div Girls 3th/4th Placing. DHS vs BPGH ( Result: 3-2 )

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