Invitational Championship

Organised by:

Features :

1. Divisions are classified as Premier, Div.1, Div.2 .... as it can expand up to    a maximum of 5-8 teams in 1 division

2. All teams will get a chance to play against other teams within their division. A new

    tier division will only be created when there are enough new teams for the next edition.

3. When they are more than 2 divisions, we will introduce play-off matches to determine

    promotion/relegation for the next edition.

4. In the event of last min. dropout by any team in the league, the league will use a 'fill up'

    method to make sure the the top division (Premier) will always have enough teams to progress.


5. Edition is define as the next season of the league. Every year, the number of edition will varies. We plan to hold

    2 editions per year for a start. Expected dates will be on 1st week of June and December every year.

6. Special Edition is created on an ad-hoc basis to bring more excitement to the League.

7. Interested amateur volleyball clubs should look out on our terms and condition to join.