Organised by:

How to Join :

1. Have a proper volleyball club name & club logo and register with us @

2. Have an online volleyball club presence through your own webpage/FB page

    or request from us to make a simple webpage for your volleyball club

3. A responsible & responsive team club's Manager for administration purposes and

   register your club's coach with us @

5. Online registration will be approved when all requirements are met.

4. Submit a simple description of your volleyball club & share with us your strategy

    of maintaining your club's continual participation 

A proper volleyball club must consist ALL the followings for us to consider your participation:

1. Credible team management to sustain the volleyball club longevity (participation)

2. Credible volleyball coach to lead the volleyball club

3. Credible team players to play at high level competition

4. Credible source of players renewal over time