Organised by:

Preposition :

1. VB SportsWeb is inviting interested partner to support our initiative.

2. The objective :  To bridge a gap in the development of high performance volleyball in Singapore

    through a regular volleyball league.

3. This league provide all the following to improve the level of volleyball in Singapore

         - a constant flow of youth to be developed through the volleyball clubs

         - to provide a platform for high level volleyball competition for players to compete,

           likely twice a year

         - to promote volleyball to all people to watch and enjoy through a well-structured league

5. VB SportsWeb management will be FULLY in charge of the competition, including the marketing

    rights, deployment of officials and rules & regulations of the league structure.

4. Interested partner should be able to provide courts support and basic adminstration.

A proper volleyball club must consist ALL the followings for us to consider your participation:

1. Credible team management to sustain the volleyball club longevity (participation)

2. Credible volleyball coach to lead the volleyball club

3. Credible team players to play at high level competition

4. Credible source of players renewal over time

6. VB SportsWeb management has its standard to maintain a high level of professionalism in running

    the league, and we are open to share our arrangements with our potential partner.

7. VB SportsWeb management will consider all stakeholders interest to bring out the best of the league.