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Special Projects


Supporter since 2016

5MILES LIMITED is a non-profit organisation that was incorporated on 29 June 2017. We continue to help the needy families in Indonesia (particularly Batam and Bintan) through education sponsorship, livelihood programmes and medical assistance. Our main ministry is the orphanage ministry where we run two homes with a total of 32 children. Our secondary ministries are education, livelihood and medical.


Via WhatsApp and MeetUp, we link Volleyball Kaki (from different groups) to come to CCAB courts (indoor or outdoor) to play, learn, and have fun together!

Supporter since 2019


Project Enjoyzzz

Sharing school volleyball videos

Established since 2019

Provide funding to quality small scale projects to shape our volleyball landscape. Landscaping is an art, we love

to receive creative proposals. Write in to us. We will attribute the approved project under your name/company.

We will contact you if we love your idea. Successful projects will have up to S$1,000 funding yearly.


Project VB Landscaping

Established since 2019

VB SportsWeb

Club Pro.

Investing in quality volleyball clubs in Singapore through strategic partnership with VA. We are constantly creating new opportunities to grow local volleyball clubs with our networks and resources.

Established since 2015



Our role models in the field of volleyball. Task to be VB SportsWeb's special project/programme partner, to impart right values to the next generation of volleyball players.

Established since 2018

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