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VA ZOOM! for Beginners

  1. History of Volleyball

  2. Rules of Volleyball

  3. Fundamental Volleyball Skills (Part 1)

  4. Fundamental Volleyball Skills (Part 2)

  5. Volleyball Fun Facts

  6. Volleyball Positions and Roles

  7. Referee Hand Signals

  8. Volleyball Terminology

  9. Understanding Myself

10. Positive thinking

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Other Volleyball Courses available ......


1. Understanding the Game ( 2 hours X 2 sessions )

Session 1 : (a) The Rules of Volleyball.

                  (b) Team Defence, Offence and Transition

Session 2 : Volleyball Gameplay & Rotations

Classroom / On-line learning available.

Volleyball Ace (VA) Courses


Our volleyball modules are refreshing and engaging. We hope to improve the knowledge and competence of coaches, teachers and players through our volleyball education.

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