DH Griffin Primary LOGO.png

Name : Delphine Sim

Club : D.H.Griffin

Jersey Number : 4

Position : Setter

Country : Singapore


Athlete Profile

- Join DHS Volleyball Family in 2015 ( No prior experience )

- D.H.Griffin Volleyball Club since 2017

- Singapore Combined Schools 2018 & 2019

"As the setter for her school and club team, she is fast and has strong body control. Technically skilful, offensively capable and defensively dependable. Her game play has matured over the past year and I can look to her to be the inspirational figure for the team. Her future is bright. I wish her every success in her studies and her future volleyball career." - Coach AWS

SYOF 2018 U19 Championship -1st Runner-Up

D.H.Griffin Volleyball Club

Team Singapore | Combined Schools 2018

Team Singapore | Combined Schools 2019

D.H.Griffin | VAS Premier Cup (Series 1 ) 2019