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 The Mentor Project


Personalised/Basic Fundamentals/Tactics/Physical Conditioning/Periodic Trainings​/Communication​s

Volleyball Ace Mentorship programmes are designed to help individuals who seek to improve his/her coaching skills. It is suitable for a beginner volleyball coach, a coach who seeks to further improve his/her coaching skills or any individual who is giving volleyball practices to a group of learners.


Mentorship builds on a level of understanding between the learner and the mentor. In Volleyball Ace, we believe in delivering our services in a professional way. The mentorship processes includes the following  1.Field observation and demonstration 2. Consultation and planning 3. Applied Communication


Due to diverse needs of different individual, customised programmes will be recommended to best suit the needs of the learner.

Basic information about the Volleyball Ace Mentorship Programme:


Mentor : Coach AWS

1. Field observation and demonstration


   - Provide constructive feedback for the learning coach 

   - Recommend training ideas and drills for the group of learners



2. Consultation and planning


   - Recommend training programmes for the group

   - Recommend technical and tactical advices on the trainings

   - Recommend periodising the trainings for maximum results

3. Gym sessions, to observe how coaching are skilfully and effectively done

4. Career guidance and fast track programme to help the right candidate. 

    Established Schools and Academy for practical assessments and teachings.

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