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VA101 Volleyball Club

F U N  .  F R I E N D S  .  S K I L L S

VA101 is a signature programme that introduces volleyball to students who are beginners.

VA101 has been conducted in local primary and secondary schools to great aplomb and success. Skills-focused, fun, and engaging for students of varying levels of ability.


"Easy to follow training steps and experienced coach, making me improve my volleyball swiftly. Customised training for players with different levels from beginners to intermediate players. Encouraging environment and training atmosphere. Making learning so much fun." - Law F.L. (VA101)

Programme Director : Coach AWS

Email (work) :

     Whatsapp (work) : +65 8030 1330

Using soft volleyball/volleyball to introduce volleyball to

the learner. Programmes outline includes the following:

   1. Fundamental volleyball movements

   2. Passing & receiving of volleyball ( digging and setting )

   3. Bounce, catch, throw, jump and ball control

   4. Hitting, serving and spiking of volleyball

   5. Modified mini volleyball games

Training Venue:

MOE ActiveSG Sports Hall, 21 Evans Rd

Days & Time:

Regular Saturday

Due to COVID-19, we will only resume our regular classes in 2021. Do whatsapp/email our programme director Coach AWS if you have any question.

Digging & Setting

Physical Fitness


Modified Games


Hit & Spike

Game Rules


Serve & Receive

Footwork & Movement

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