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A place where art meets sport.

Albert Djajabadi


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Volleyball Ace



Lim Sau Boon

About the Photographer : Lim Sau Boon, a passionate photographer with an inclination to shoot artistically. He frequent many events to capture stunning photos to pursue his interest. As a sport photographer, he has an interest for volleyball, archery, netball, basketball, rugby, tennis, handball and many more ....

Instagram @ limsauboon

Copyright (C) 2019 Lim Sau Boon. All rights reserved.

Peter Ho


About the Photographer : Peter Ho develops a passion for volleyball photography since 2009. His love for sports can be seen through his passionate photography in many sports, including volleyball, floorball and car racing. 

Copyright (C) 2016 Peter Ho.

All rights reserved.

Soon Ching Voon


About the Photographer : Soon Chin Voon develops a passion for volleyball photography since 2009. He invested passionately into his photography equipments, to make sure he can enjoy the fruit of his labour - high quality photos of volleyballers in action. A privilege for VB SportsWeb to peek into his master pieces.

Copyright (C) 2015 Soon Ching Voon.

All rights reserved.


Lai Jun Wei

About the Photographer : Lai Jun Wei, a photo journalist with Red Sports since 2007. Covering more than 500 volleyball competition games during his time with Red Sports. A privilege for VB SportsWeb to display some of his best shots over the years. 

Copyright (C) 2014 Lai Jun Wei. All rights reserved.

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