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National School Volleyball 2015 - 'A' Division Girls Semi-final (HCI vs VJC)

The stand-off between Hwa Chong Junior College’s Center Player No. 2 and Victoria Junior College’s Center Blocker No. 18. HCJC Center Player sends a spike across, only to be met with her rivalry who jumped and made an attempt to block off the attack. (Photo credit: Goh Shu Hui Gina)

The stand-off between HCI Opposite No. 2 Eirena and VJC Middle Blocker No. 18 Claudia. HCI Eirena sends a spike across, only to be met with her rivalry who jumped and made an attempt to block off the attack. (All Photos credit: Goh Shu Hui Gina)

The first two matches between Victoria Junior College and Hwa Chong Instituion were close fights, with VJC taking the lead in the first two rounds with a score of 25:22 and 25:19.

During the 3rd set, at the start of the game, HCI was leading with VJC closely behind. It was 4:6. At this point in time, No. 18 Claudia from VJC sent a spike down to her opponent and won her team the 5th point for VJC.

Eventually, as this nerve-wrecking competition continues, VJC finally caught up with HCI and started leading quickly. When No. 3 Sonia from HCI attempted to send a spike across, No. 18 Claudia from VJC made a swift jump and blocked out No. 3 Sonia’s ball. Team HCI was caught unexpected, earning VJC a point. This caused VJC to lead HCI by 4 points, in which the score became 10:6. The coach of HCI decided to make a change in her strategy. She asked for a change in player in which HCI’s No. 6 player was swapped for No. 11.

VJC won another 2 points, resulting in the score to be 12:6. However, HCI did not give up. Instead they persevered on. In a turn of events, Player No. 1 Gwyneth of HCI saved a ball which almost touched the ground, and managed to hit back to VJC. VJC, caught unaware, did not manage to save the ball. This earned HCI a point and a change in possession of ball.

But this escalated quickly in which VJC managed to win a point after a few quick exchange of blows with HCI, with the score being 13:8. HCI started to panic.

The first defence of HCI did not go well as the receiver did not manage to pass the ball properly to the setter. This resulted in the setter of HCI to set the ball too close to the net. At this point in time, No. 10 Jiaying of HCI suddenly jumped and dropped ball, and the ball got right pass the two VJC blockers who were jump blocking! This earned HCI a point, now with a score of 13:9.

However, the success of the match was yet to be finalised. Team VJC, being good in defence and first ball, could receive most attacks from HCI. One of the better defence players from VJC would be the No. 8 Aileen, their libero. She was calm, confident and stable in receiving almost every single ball nicely to her setter, Mingxi, allowing her setter to set up an attack for their open spiker and middle blocker. This continued on, resulting in VJC to continually take the lead in the game with a score of 15:9. With another beautiful float-ball service from VJC’s Player No. 2 in which the ball landed near the side line inside the court, VJC aced the ball as HCI thought the ball would be an out ball and was not prepared to receive the ball. During the next point, HCI’s Player No. 10 Jiaying spiked a nice and hard ball in an attempt to win back a point, but VJC’s Players No. 4 Mingxi’s and No. 10 Kaiqi’s reactions were too quick. The two VJC blockers jumped simultaneously and managed to block off HCI’s spike. HCI Player No. 1 Gwyneth immediately tried to return a drop ball, it was a great strategy, but a pity the ball got caught in the net instead.

No. 10 Jiaying of HCI jumped and gave a shot at spiking, but VJC managed to save the ball and get the ball across with a simple digging, but HCI did a drop-ball in return and scored a point. Having half of the points VJC has, HCI had to work really hard to catch up with VJC. The score was now at 22:10. Seeing that VJC was close to victory, a time-out was called. After time-out, the intense match resumed with HCI Player No. 2 Eirena sending a steep spike across and won back the ball. Soon after, HCI scored another point. However, in a slip of mistake, HCI’s Player No. 2 Eirena accidentally touched the net, resulting in a change in possession of ball to VJC. This caused the score to become 23:12.

Just before match point, a time-out was called out again at 24:12. The two teams were seen with their coaches trying to encourage them and possibly giving advices to the respective teams on how they can try to minimise their mistakes and score in the last few points. With this, the match resumed and HCI’s Player No. 2 Eirena sent an extremely steep corner spike, leaving VJC in a loss and earning HCI a point.

But it seemed that luck was not on HCI’s side. VJC eventually won the game with 25:13, and the third set thus concluded with VJC winning all three sets of games. Good effort to HCI’s volleyball team and congratulations to the A’ division volleyball girls in VJC!

Although most players from HCI were all-rounded in terms of service, defence and spike, VJC’s strong defence won them the competition. Indeed, a good defence is extremely crucial in a game of volleyball. As in all volleyball competitions, there is bound to be a team which will emerge as the winner. But no matter what, both the HCI’s and VJC’s teams have definitely trained and fought hard. Both teams definitely deserve commendation and a good rest.

With this, Hwa Chong Institution will be playing against Anderson Junior College this coming Friday, 8th May 2015, @ PESEB to compete for the 3rd and 4th placing. Victoria Junior College will play against Nanyang Junior College in the Finals on 13th May 2015, next Wednesday, at Yio Chu Kang Indoor Sports Hall. Do come down and support the teams and hope to see you there!

Results for 'A' Division Girls National School Championship 2015 Semi-finals:

Victoria Junior College (VJC) vs Hwa Chong Institution (HCI) (3-0)

1st Set 25-22

2nd Set 25-19

3rd Set 25-13

Nanyang Junior College (NYJC) vs Anderson Junior College (AJC) (3-0)

1st Set 25-8

2nd Set 25-12

3rd Set 25-18

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