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Alternate Voice | Killing the game of volleyball in School Volleyball

Updated: Feb 24, 2020

As the main driver of promoting volleyball through VB SportsWeb, I am very concerned about the development of volleyball in Singapore. Recently, I was troubled by 'new rules' coming from the organiser in school volleyball tournament. As a volleyball coach, I have great honour of knowing many passionate parents for volleyball through school volleyball tournaments. After listening to parents feedback, I do like to share my personal thoughts on this issue - "Videoing of competition games is not allowed, especially sharing on YouTube."

I was shocked when I heard such rule is implemented for Singapore school volleyball tournament. As a volleyball coach of many years, I am really confused by such kind of rule being implemented. Let's ask ourselves truthfully, in the 1st place, why is there school volleyball tournament? Is it to promote volleyball as a sport to the kids? Promoting a game requires partnership of many stackholders, namely the organiser, the schools involved, the players, the support from schools and parents, coaches etc.

As an organiser for school tournament, you need to be fair and firm, and following guidelines from MOE. MOE does not have specific rules to ban any videoing of school volleyball games except for commercial use. All games are open for all to watch and enjoy. When school volleyball organiser receive complain from individual school about videoing their school's team on a match, my 1st thought is, why cannot video? As a school, which prepares their school teams for tournament, once the tournament starts, doesn't the school knows that their teams will be watched by all other schools?

A school which complains about other people watching their games, videoing their games display 'no class' and act so childish in a school tournament. If the school is not prepared for this, I will encourage the school to stop their volleyball trainings and do not waste time sending them for school tournaments in the 1st place. The school wanted secrecy and privacy in a school tournament? What kind of weird demand is that?

I will give my advice to such school which request for such rule to be implemented. No one is stopping you to watch other schools play or video other schools. Do not be lazy and expect others to be as lazy as you. Do not complain it is not fair, you can video any schools you like if you like to. If you do not prepare your team well, do not expect other to be as lazy as you.

Do check yourself at all times whether you really have the 'quality' to complain. Do not fool the public as though you have a secret recipe of tactics. A good prepared team will not be in this pathetic state of complaining. We all should be thanking the parents to help promote school volleyball instead of banning them to video.

Coming from parents, sharing the same passion as us to promote volleyball, and helps to share volleyball videos clips to bring nice volleyball videos to many individuals to enjoy, I hope the organiser of school volleyball tournament will get it right with the right decision.

Singapore's volleyball promotion needs more of such parents to bring volleyball to our Singaporeans, such 'new rule' will only create unnecessary hurdle which can be avoided.

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