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Coaching Eye


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Knowledge and Skills

   - Interpersonal Skills

     Communicating and establishing trusting relationships with players. Developing volleyball practices require being sensitive to players' dilemmas, fears, and celebrations.

   - Content Knowledge

     Deep understanding about volleyball, including how volleyball knowledge is developed over time

   - Pedagogical Knowledge

   Understand how players learn volleyball, questioning strategies, and structures that can help students develop ideas

   - Knowledge of the Curriculum

     Familiarity with the volleyball jargons and signals being used 

   - Awareness of Coaching Resources

    Coaches need specific knowledge of professional development materials and resources that can be used to support his teachings

   - Knowledge of "the practice of coaching"

     Coaches must know coaching strategies and structures, on the spot coaching, questioning techniques for effective coaching

Helping Coaches build their repertoire of strategies

   - Questioning your questions

   - Demonstration and Co-teaching

   - A Learning Community

   - Learning from Case Studies

On framing the Coaching Role:

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