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How do I shortlist my volleyball players (Beginners) during trials

What do I look for during my trial if I hope to build a great volleyball team?

1. Ball Control / Ball Sense

  • Yes, good ball control will be an added advantage. Show them how to perform digging and setting and they learn quickly on the spot. They display the correct form with minimum guidance.

2. Athleticism

  • They are proficient at a wide range of motions. They move fast and have creative ideas without you telling them anything. Pass a ball to a small group of players and you will see them in action.

3. Interest 

  • They show keen interest through their body language. They look forward to your instructions and go straight into playing with their friends.

4. Learners


  • Learners are disciplined individuals. They are good listeners. They tend to follow your instructions throughout the session. You can immediately identify through observations, for instance when you call for their attention to gather.

* Being introverted/extroverted do not matter in selection process. Both are equally good.

* Statistics are not EVERYTHING, but they are useful information to gauge the potential of the players. Height and size of the foot MIGHT give you an idea to their physical growth potential.

Learn how to identify these 4 traits effectively in your selection process if you are given a limited time. Do add an element of fun in your selection process to build some rapport.

Important to make your selection FUN, and less technical. You are searching for players with the "best" potential. Catching the 'right' fish into your team is more important during that 1 session. Technical analysis is a waste of time for selection on beginners. Mould them well when they become your players and they will be great.

Hope this sharing shed some light on recruiting new volleyball players. Good luck.


                                             For my players, NOW YOU KNOW ! =))

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