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School Volleyball 2015 : The Best of 'B' Division Girls.

Updated: Feb 24, 2020

On behalf of VB SportsWeb, I will take this opportunity to congratulate all school teams which have participated in the 'B' Div School Volleyball Championship 2015. I have witnessed the desire and hunger of the volleyball girls, putting in their very best in the games.

Every year, many volleyballers are well-trained by many hardworking coaches in Singapore, whom has put in tremedous efforts to give the best to the players. This year is no exception, with new talents surfacing and blossoming during the competition. It speaks well of the development of youth volleyball in Singapore.

In a tournament like 'B' Division Girls 2015, it is not easy when a player can consistently performed in many of the matches she played in. I am, with delight, to see a few sparkling gems in this tournament. I will, as a coach, in my personal opinion, give my utmost praise to 3 individual players whom have impressed me. I do hope that these girls will take much pride in this tournament and continue to pursue volleyball as a sport and bring excitment to Singapore volleyball in the coming years.

1. Open Spiker - Heidi (Huayi Secondary School)

A natural and gifted open spiker. Outstanding defensive skills and a great receptionist. Powerful spikes with good body control. She has the ability to vary her strong spikes with great wrist control in volleyball games.

2. Middle Blocker - Sue Li (Ngee Ann Secondary School)

A talented player with exceptional reading of the games. Strong blocks with good reach. She has the ability to vary her spikes and drops effectively. Her deep cross court powerful spike, with sheer determination is almost unstoppable.

3. Setter - Teresa (Dunman High School)

A talented setter who display maturity in distribution of balls for the spikers. She is agile, and can block and defense well. She remains compose under tight situations in volleyball games. A skillful setter who can spot weakness in opponent defense.

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